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The forearm had extra baggy sleeves for some odd reason. I own an Alpha Industry CWU-45 in black leather size large.

The Velcro on the wrist was poorly attached to an extremely expensive jacket. This review about by John Ownbey CWU-45/P in distress brown size large.

It almost looked as if it was a return mess, shipped over to a paying customer.

Don’t be fooled with its Goretex (type) of material with Gore-Tex official material which is always embroidered on the jacket.

Bottom line is Mc Guire had what I wanted at a very good price and proved customer friendly.I did purchase them under the thought that they would be gently used, but not virtually threads and stains. Have wore them deer hunting a few times already and with 2 pairs of socks my feet stay warm. They are also great for construction and I often use them for plowing!Am looking forward to wearing them this winter ice fishing as well. As long as I have these, I will never buy a different boot brand again!Once I found my size in liners and trousers to match, I was in G. But they are built of the same durable cloth that I know well in the jackets, the field pants fit over your regular pants, so don't be surprised if your order seems extra large when you receive them.They are meant to be an outer layer against cold and wind.

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Only 2 of them did not contain numerous quarter sized holes and larger or stains that covered the majority of the blanket. The boots arrived quickly and fit exactly as expected. I was able to press it back out but it left a crease which was disappointing. These boots are very warm and my feet never get cold in them.