Bosnian dating site

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Bosnian dating site

Named after the village in which it is found, “Vratnica Tumulus‟ is of a similar conical shape and size to the famous tumulus “Silbury Hill‟, located in Wiltshire, UK.Osmanagic also claims that the presence of numerous subterranean passages found under Visoko belong to the Pyramid complex, interconnecting each of the structures from below and running for as many as hundreds of kilometres beneath the ground.Unique however to the Visoko complex is the fact that the three main Pyramids each have one of their sides built into the landscape surrounding them, providing an “access plateau‟ to their peaks, which is unlike the common “free-standing” pyramid design seen elsewhere around the globe.Confirmation of the Bosnian Pyramids exactitude with geographic North has been obtained by both topographic mapping and satellite imagery. Amer Smailbegovic using the “Automated Linear-Anomaly Detector” satellite system, used for measuring tectonic lineaments, confirmed break angles of 43.822 degrees ( /- 1.6) at three of the undamaged corners (Figure 2).In their statement it read, “This [Pyramid] scheme is a cruel hoax on an unsuspecting public and has no place in the world of genuine science.”[3].However, despite the barrage of strong condemnation Osmanagic and his team have continued investigating the sites around Visoko for a further eight years.[5] Visual observation of the Sun Pyramids perfect alignment with the cardinal points can also be made, as is captured in Photo 2.The aerial photograph displays how late afternoon sunlight clearly illuminates the Pyramid of the Suns Western facet and access plateau while the Northern face remains in complete shadow.

As well as being aligned with the four cardinal points, the Pyramidal structures of Visoko also share alignments that are relative to each other (Figure 3).In 2006, after initial probing and surveying, Osmanagic created the not for profit, “Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation” and in the summer of that year large scale excavations began.Almost immediately after Osmanagic started his project the authenticity of his miraculous find was to be called into question.The archaeologists, including Director of the Council for British Archaeology, Dr.Mike Heyworth and another, Professor Hermann Parzinger, President of the German Archaeological Institute, accused Osmanagic of duping the world with his claims of pyramids in Bosnia.

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The Bosnian Pyramid of Sun, Moon and Dragon each have their four facets perfectly aligned towards the cardinal points, North, South, East and West.

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