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It helps the evaluation process if you have an idea of the questions you want to answer or the information you wish to seek before you dive into Splunk.I've had the most success when I approach a problem with a clear picture of what I want to do and how I intend to use Splunk to do so. Its very polished interface, but in many cases it's style over substance.To ensure users always have access to their data, even in the event of a system disruption, this platform features built-in failover and disaster recovery capabilities.Deployment options include both on-premise and Saa S (Software as a Service).

Automatic suggestions popup while filtering over indexed data. Installation, configuration, and administration is very easy.Splunk is able to handle any type of input file and this allowed us to get very rapid prototyping cycles.Compared to the competition, it has integrated AD authentication, which fits in perfectly with our corporate security.I am always able to find answers to my questions by using Splunk Answers and/or the IRC channel. Managing the license usage can be annoying and paying for more can be costly.There have been quite a few times where small issues with our log intensive systems have caused license violations.

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Splunk can be used as a simple log aggregator all the way to a Big Data engine to find efficiency in operations of the Internet of Things.

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