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Tennessee was invited to the now-36 team NCAA tournament and awarded its first-ever 1 seed.

However, Tennessee lost by 11 to USC, which also had won the title the previous year.

Tennessee's Tonya Edwards was named the Most Outstanding Player in the Final Four.

In 38 years as a coach, she never had a losing season.

The number sequence is the most well-known and noticed sequence, appearing on clocks, license plates, and receipts.

Many of us make wishes when we see this number but most don’t understand the importance of this number.

Much of our existence feels out of control, so why wouldn’t we want to have a say in what seems to be within our power to manage?This season was followed up by another 20-win year in which Tennessee earned both the regular season SEC title (despite only going 4–4) and the tournament title.However, the Lady Vols fell in the NCAA Tournament to Ole Miss during the round of 16. That’s certainly not a flattering way to be described, but let’s be honest—most of us have the tendency to control at least some things in life.While there’s nothing wrong with wanting a neat Tupperware cupboard or being known as someone who gets the job done, controlling tendencies can become a serious liability to your most important relationships.

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