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The SAFETEA-LU act, enacted in August 2005 as the reauthorization of TEA-21, provided the following expenditures for this route: ".It was named in memory of Lieutenant Colonel James C.There were some plans to build it as a tube in the bay, or as a very narrow depressed highway, where there was little or no clearance to construct the road.Some folks claim to have seen maps where I-480 looped around San Francisco after the Golden Gate Bridge, running S as the Park Presidio and Junipero Serra Freeways. It is more likely that those freeways were to have been signed as part of Route 1.Note that ISTEA repealed the previous Federal-Aid System, effective in 1992, and established the functional classification system for all public roads.H/T: Max R and the crew at AARoads for helping to sort this out.e of this out.Previous Federal Aid (pre-1992) categories: Federal Aid Interstate (FAI); Federal Aid Primary (FAP); Federal Aid Urban (FAU); and Federal Aid Secondary (FAS).

Before 1972, it was signed as Temporary I-505, and was a two lane road between Vacaville to Dunnigan.Note: According to Caltrans, Park-Presidio Boulevard possesses all the attributes of a freeway and was the first such thoroughfare in northern California.It was built through the Presidio of San Francisco as an approach to the Golden Gate Bridge. There is also a sealed-off CA 480 exit off of I-80 E. After 3di numbering conventions were developed, this was proposed as I-380. This was part of I-5W, which started at I-5/I-580 south of Stockton, followed I-580 to I-80 in Oakland, paired with I-80 east until I-505, and then reunited with I-5 where I-505 does now. "LRN" refers to the Pre-1964 Legislative Route Number. "I" refers to an Eisenhower Interstate signed route."Route" usually indicates a state shield signed route, but said route may be signed as US or I.

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