Higden polychronicon online dating

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Higden polychronicon online dating

prorsus, direct or straight, and signifying the plain speech of mankind, when written, or rhetorically composed, without reference to the rules of verse.

If you're interested in a particular manuscript, you can search for it directly.But this much is plain; as prose depends on the linking of successive sentences, the first requirement of it is that these sentences should be so arranged as to ensure lucidity and directness.In prose, that the meaning should be given is the primal necessity.Ronsard said that his training as a poet had proved to him that prose and poetry were “ mortal enemies.” But “ poetry ” is a more or less metaphysical term, which cannot be used without danger as a distinctive one in this sense.For instance, an ill-inspired work in rhyme, or even a well-written metrical composition of a satirical or didactic kind, cannot be said to be poetry, and yet most certainly is not prose; it is a specimen of verse.

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