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This machine was capable of embossing the tailpiece with the word Kay in cursive script.Bandsaws, drills and other hand tools needed were already in house.It was a fancy bass and could be ordered with engraved tuners, inletted purfling and ebony fingerboard and tailpiece. The earliest instrument in the database is a cello Ser# 2.The earliest basses may also have been named Kay, Kay Kraft, Old Kraftsman, Kraftsmen, Kustom Kraft, Custom Kraft, K-Kraft, Kay-Meyer, or K-Meyer.

After Registration I will provide a date of manufacture for your bass.

Four questions are included to properly register your Kay bass.

After answering the questions, send the info, and I will be able to add your Kay Bass to the database.

As years went on, Kay made numerous models depending on the customer's requirements. There were many variations featured, from thin bodies, inlaid purfling, and 1/3 smaller bodies to bound f-holes, 5 string basses and nickel plated metal parts.

(M-2), (M-2 Army), and (M-2 Navy) basses have been documented.

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Other people involved in this project included Carl Kuhrmeyer, nephew of Henry Kuhrmeyer, along with Cal Reeves (Retired from Engelhardt in 2010) and John Wozab (deceased 5/2003), employees who worked for Kay Musical Instrument Company.

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