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Law and order svu 14x10 online dating

22 minutes is a a satrical news program akin to Jon Stewart's Daily Show.

In the words of the show star Mark Critch: "It's kinda like the news, only drunk." Popular segments include: "Sports Beat" with host Chip Mc Allister and his new hindi co-host Raj Bhinder, "Frontier in Science" which pokes fun at science and technology magazine programs, commercial parodies, crashing of major events, and the ever popular ambushing of politicians and other public figures Don't miss the 22 Minutes One Hour Christmas Special, Santa Claus (Mark Critch) and his trusty Elf (Evan Solomon) visit Parliament Hill and spend time with Jack Layton, Michael Ignatieff and Gilles Duceppe. Enid on dating - Scientists discover a new planet - Tony Costello and ""No You Can't! Tomorrow - News for Dogs Segments include: - Preston Manning finds three replacement MPs - Ross Perot's post-election plans - Ozone hole sets record - The Multicorp investigation - Streeter: Impressions of Washington - ""22 Minutes in the Woods"" - ""Canada's Funniest Home Videos""Segments include: - Clinton's inauguration - Lloyd Axworthy goes to Cuba - Dakey Dunn on a nookie-free existance - Streeter: Canada's Manifest Destiny - Sexual harrassment in the workplace - Hockey Notebook - The Campbell File Segments include: - An apology to the banks - Marg Delahunty on hospitals - ""Money Matters! Enid and Eulalia - ""You've Got Mail"" - Talking to Americans: Washington D. - ""Great Outdoors"" - Jerry Boyle Segments include: - The Airline, The Man, The Money, and the Case of the Missing Cheque - ""The Blair Witch Project: The Series"" - Babe Bennett - Everybody in Plaid (Gap commercial) - Streeter - Connie Bloor - Thre new CBC series: ""Da Vinci's Conquests,"" ""Da Vinci's Requests,"" and ""Da Vinci's Bequests"" - Mrs.

""Frontiers in Science"" investigates the possiblity of a flu pandemic.

Coverage of Ottawa's toughening of Biligualism rules in the Civil Service.

A parody of the most recent Viagra commercial warning about the potential for embarassment when used excessivly. It is among the most over-the-top segments the show has ever done!!!

) A parody of COPS, with East Coast cops engaging in flagrant racial profiling.

) Sexual affairs correspondent Babe Bennett on the same-sex marriage debate.

Enid and Eulalia ambush Paul Martin - ""Doctor Chicago""Segments Include: Tucker T.

Bartlett's tour of the California gubernatorial campaign trail.

- A Saskatchewan tourism commercial brought to you by the government of Manitoba. - Why same-sex marriage doesn't necessarily mean gay marriage. -Newsworld ""PLAY"" vj in an unsolicited interview with Clay Aiken (played by Gavin Crawford) -the ""deficieny of respect"" for Chretien's accomplishments. To Canadians in Foreign Jails: You'll be freed... Segments Include: Chretien's going-away party thrown by his MPs A look at the life of a Parliament Hill ""Ethics Hotline"" telephone operator A parody of a bank's commercial, outlining the dangers associated with estate planning Babe Bennett on what Paul Martin's election means for Canada ""Inside Media Counter Spin"" host Heather Coulter defends the show against accuations it's middle-east coverage is biased against Israel.

Segments Include: - An interview with Chretien aide Gallum Smeagle on his conflicted loyalties between ""old master"" and ""new master"" -Trick-or-Treating on Parliament Hill -The dangers of paranoid women owning ink-jet printers (priceless! The ridicule endured by Canada's smallest visible minority (Liberal Sheila Copps delegates) ""Frontiers in Science"" looks at the effect of solar flares on earth's communications systems 1st ever ""All-Arab lottery""Warning!

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