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Lombard street surgeries online dating

“We do have the image of a 200-year-old private bank rooted in Switzerland,” comments Mr Adami.

Last year the institution saw its AUM swell by 24 per cent to around HUF 739bn (€2.5bn) and its client base rise by 22 per cent, compared to an average growth rate of 13 per cent of its Eastern European competitors, according to OTP.There is a strong focus on Hong Kong and Singapore, with increasing resources being allocated to developing a presence in Japan, Taiwan and mainland China.Other developing markets such as Brazil, Mexico, Israel, Turkey, Russia and Saudi Arabia are also being prioritised.“This unique approach proves to be very effective in a region which is defined as one but where in reality there are huge differences between countries,” says Mr Takács.The bank also developed an efficient methodology to migrate clients from its retail network, supported by an effective incentive system.

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