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Most intimidating movie lines

buried under flea market knick-knacks; Googled, Ebayed, begged for; commissioned from blacksmiths, painters, and model makers for one-time use; and constructed out of whatever can buy at the local craft store.They are sketched out, improvised, or placed in scenes by the fate of logic, existing to serve the performances or action around them.We tried to be strict about it; on this list you won't find Jason's mask (costume), the time-traveling De Lorean (vehicle), Genie's lamp (animated "prop"), or Kermit the Frog (technically puppet, but not, in context) on this list. The minute we handed it to him he was just tickled. Now it lives in Kings Alley in Boston, Massachusetts. I think that's why I originally starting carving birds in my own jewelry work.You Editor: Matt Patches Research and reporting: Kristin Hunt, Dan Jackson, Kristen Yoon Soo Kim, Sean Fitz-Gerald, Matt Patches, Alex Suskind, Scott Weinberg Copy editor: Pete Dombrosky Production assistant: Eliza Dumais Illustration: Jason Hoffman Motion graphics: Evan Lockhart Special thanks: John Sellers, Anna Silman, Lauren Leibowitz, Anthony Schneck Peter Farrelly, director: "We shot most of the bowling stuff in the Pittsburgh area. They have a Dana Schneider, jewelry designer: "I could tell even before I was contacted [for the movie] that that design really struck home with a lot of the readers. But for strength, the arrow ended up having to be made out of 14-karat gold. But a lot of it really just boils down to a sense of freedom.

Its welcoming, refreshing and kind of staggering to see someone who knows the way children think, and how we don't have to be a mixed-up little boy to identify and see ourselves in Max (and, also, how we can't fully identify with things as a child like divorce, re: Carol and KW's 'friendship').

Now, the filmmaker who first came on the scene with Being John Malkovich, once again gives me a one-word response with this third film of his: Wow. Films that come to mind like this could also include the 400 Blows, Fanny and Alexander, (arguably) Tideland and E. Now here's another, and one that is directed with an original eye and an inspiration of texture and feeling, a look like out of our own wanted childhood playgrounds. If you don't know the story by Sendak- and to be fair it's only several pages long and its story was *loosely* used for this film- is about Max, who, not entirely pleased with his life in the real world ventures into the world of the ' Wild Things', a place where he can be king (or rather makes himself one) and tries to create a paradise with his fellow creatures.

This is the main bit of what the story is "about", but how it's about it is a whole other matter.

Wearing his wolf costume at the time, Max not only runs away physically, but runs toward a world in his imagination.

This world, an ocean away, is inhabited by large wild beasts, including one named Carol who is much like Max himself in temperament.

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But oh, it's also such an unusually, beautifully realized film.