New adult mega hookup ad

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New adult mega hookup ad

Minutes later, Velvets’ co-star Sinn Sage shows up and starts running some scenes with the fembot version of her friend Jacquelyn.

Sinn throws a staged punch at Velvets’ face but the fembot doesn’t react.

After multiple takedowns, it’s time to tally up the score, with Coco pouting angrily as agent Velvets is given the win.

Coco suddenly attacks, snapping Jacquelyn’s neck before the blonde beauty has a chance to celebrate.

Pandora delivers an amazing sleepy performance, slipping in and out of consciousness until an extended chloroforming finally coaxes the information out of her.

His job done, SK carries Pandora’s beautifully limp body out of the building as the scene fades to black…

Master Agent Jacquelyn Velvets has been tasked to do just that, stalking her students (played by Terra Mizu, Kayla Lael, Audrey Love, and Angel Lee) as they take each other on in a series of knockout contests to see who’s skills merit a pay-raise and a promotion.

We fade in on producer Drake as he prepares a shoot with THE Jacquelyn Velvets!

With millions of dollars stowed away in a highly-protected bank account, the satisfied thief settles in…completely unaware that the agency she stole from has sent a specialist (played by SK) to her home!

He gently sprays a sleepy gas towards Pandora and she slowly succumbs, falling into a deep sleep.

In the end, Velvets retreats to the next room thinking she has completed her mission only to be surprised by one final clone.

She lets this one slowly die in a rear naked choke hold as she watches in the mirror.

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Turns out, however, that Miss Velvets is quite the diva, and within seconds Drake has had enough.

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