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Campus Ministries, who : promoting Blood Assurance, urges every student on the campus to take some time for their busy schedules to donate some blood for the benefit and care of others. 1983, SOUTHERN ACCENT/7 Southern Cynic Teachers frequently com- uiaine about the number of events that constantly inter- rupt instruction in their schools. Student Association functions, and other activities seem regularly to remove one or more students from every classroom.

As a result, college professors must often revise, postpone, or repeat lectures, quizzes, and tests.

Southerni} Accent m Volume 39, Number 1 Southern College, Collegedale, Tennessee Septembers. He die n't Ri t maybe Jesus kr ew something the accusers were n'l awa rof, Perhaps the A'oman did not like her sinful life M vbf shew as trying to d D better and no one could tell. 1 would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our women athletes for their pariticpation. The performance is free to Southern College students.

September 8, 1983 Editorial ™ kept her head bent as the four men shouted and a^eued around her. As she watched the man said, "H cth alls witho t sin among y ou, let him cast the first slonc at ler rn in the woman takei "in the very act of adultery. Without punishment o rsc "on She need to be given ther chance, nother chance. A chance to np Mayb* Jesu ssh ould have yelled at the woman and kicked her. Jaecks was particularly pleased to report that 93 of those players are women, setting a record for the number of participants in that sport, or for any women's sport since Jaecks took over in 1980. Banjo Ensemble to Perform by r The New York Banjo Ensemble will be performing in the P. Though each are accom- plished individually, as a group they have received excellent reviews from the Public Broadcasting System and the Fretted Instrument Guild of America.

-: Lost and Found Students who have misplaced their umbrellas may search the campus at this time. However, if the home^ work is still unfinished, the students may use this time dream up crea -: Lunch Leftovers are to be served every Friday so that the cooks get a day off. Av:6 ——98 — Jeff Krawl Accounting Renee Dun Nursing "Double all export prices and "Make them listen cut off all communist Rock music. " Peggy Brandenburg Psychology Terry Shaw Accounting "Turn the other cheek and "Send thri apologize for flying into their ^^/^^ ^y „^, YOUR BSN IS WORTH AN OFFKER'S COMMISSION IN THE ARMY. If this can be ■achieved, operating costs for ^e college would be less. _ Last spring engineers (from ■Campbell-n-Associates, Inc.) ■went over each building to ■determine what could be ■done to save energy.

Because thi entire student body eats at thi same time, this practice will avoid long lines, the students won't have to wait for the food to heat up. This is to insure a /ariety of cartoon characters each week. Two ■areas which were sited as ■contributing to the problem Ijyere: uninsulated steam ■lines was one area which was ■sited as a problem.

Besideds, I can get all my worship credits for the week on that one day! downtown Chattanooga, is sponsoring a musical per- formance by Mary Fraley on Sunday, September 11. Fraley, a cellist, will include music by Beethoven, Debussy, Schumann, and Cassado in her free concert. Over a 3-year period the college will match that amount by a payback system. I only had about a half hour, so I really didn't wnat to study and then quit right away.

TN 37315 Classifieds NOTICE: Classifieds will be taken until noon on Tuesday of each weeli. Please send your classifieds to the Southern Accent office or place in one of the red mail boxes. The Southern Accent will not accept letters to the editor that are unsigned. Missing you, Bren The staff and management of the "Joker" would like to thank those who assisted or attempted to assist in the all-night paste-up: Andy Konstantinovich, Rick Flood, Mitzi Acosta, Trey Shurley, Chip Cannon, George Turner, Rick Gruesbeck, Bridget Knox, etc., etc., etc. Residence halls will not be linked with this system be- cause the Individual rooms are to difficult to control. If you're interested in going, there is a sign-up sheet in the Student Center. 2/SOUTHERN ACCENT/September 15, 1983 Cdiiorial One of my favorite things is to hear my father sing. And I will remember verse 4, "He shall cover thee with His feathers, and under his wings Shalt thou trust." Maybe I'll find another one next week. I think that we all realize that lines have to be drawn somewhere, but in seeing where they are drawn sometimes makes one won- drawing them, pies are: it we put we listen show up for f we have to : specific : li\ alls, what "worship," an e alcohol working in a family restau- The freedom we enjoy at Southern college is very limited, We all have much more freedom at home where we enjoy the trust of our parents instead of the scrutiny of certain faculty members who have that very unfortunate job of being our "parents" away from home.

Explaining the plan, one official stated, "We have tak- en all the typical events that interrupt instruction and scheduled them for Fridays. Chattanooga, TN 37407 Phone (615) 867-S19S Monday-Thursday Friday n.-p.i n.-p.i Southernmfyiccent Volume 39, Number 2 Southern College, Collegedale, Tennessee September 15, 1983 Teacher Wins ,000 Reward Dr.

Under The Friday Plan, teach- ers carry out regular instruc- tion on Mondays through Thursdays. Duane Houck, a Natural Science teacher at Southern College, and Loren Rieseberg, a former student I have recently had an article published in the American Journal of Botany.

Thi entire student body will meet in the church for this event. However, this will coun as five (5) worship credits. "When I saw this j|iappening in our green- , I became curious as to why. They also found that the l AA oxidase broke down the auxin allow- ing the cytokinin to stimulate the bud growth.

-: Advisor/Advisee Program During this time, teachers will meet with the students small groups to "rap". "This research has just raised my questions," says Dr. "Our next step is to see if these chemicals are in the Salisb and how they are released." Dr. "This is just opening the door on the potential we have here.

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" "How to watch TV." ai "Dorm Deliverance: The Easy Way Out." -: Clean-Up Every student will be responsible for cleaning his/her own dorm room. Although teachers still plan lessons four days per week, no plans are needed for Fridays, and no plans ever have to be changed. The rate at which The gas and electricty is used Pn campus is a series of peaks and valleys. To raise money for the , -""gy Management pystem, the college applied I to the Department of Energy I for a Matching Grant. ] think it is probably just about anywhere I make it as long as it is with the Lord, After all, "He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in Him will I trust." Trusting God is not always easy, bu like the Living Bible says, "For He rescues you from every trap, and protects you from the fatal plague." That's what I need! Some who can go with me to that secret place and soothe my wearied mind and body.

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