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Also read: Updating, Deleting records in Grid View control by writing your own methods | Inserting, Updating, Deleting, Paging and Sorting records in List View | ASP. It provides more flexibility in displaying and working with data from your database in comparison with any other controls.

NET Grid View j Query tips and tricks - Part 1 Grid View control is a successor to the ASP. The Grid View control enables you to connect to a datasource and display data is tabular format, however you have bunch of options to customize the look and feel.

We may encounters some errors like Its suggestable to activate the feature from command prompt and we won’t be getting the above though both are running with same user.

Following is the quick code to activate or deactivate the feature by stsadm Activating the feature Also don’t forget to check the common errors and resolutions that occur in timer job.

Hence we can now pass both classes to the Data Access Layer which can create an SQL Update Query that can specify original values in the WHERE Clause to make sure no data gets overwritten ( see my post Concurrency in SQL Server for more information ).

The Update Method expects the format “original_customer” as the name of the original class based on the Old Values Parameter Format String Property setting of the Object Data Source Control which I have specified as follows: Conclusion The Object Data Source Control provides the features to help with update concurrency in your multiuser ASP. By changing the Conflict Detection and Old Values Parameter Format String you can get access to both the original class and updated class data to handle concurrency in any number of ways.

The Grid View is populated by a Customers Table in the database.The default setting is Overwrite Changes, which is the least amount of concurrency control you can have in your application.This is perfect for single user applications or when accidental overwrites of data is acceptable / improbable.After hours and hours of Googling and trial and error I finally found the solution to this. There was no way in hell I was going to accept the solution of manually re-populating each field I had bound in my edit and insert templates for my Form View.

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In the above code,the timer job is getting property “my Site Url” and creating the site object.